About this site

Hi! I am Alexander Kohlhofer. Most people call me Alex.

Nowadays my little family of four and I live on the East Coast of the US but originally I hail from Munich, Germany. In between I have lived in all sorts of places, like London, Chicago, Salzburg, and San Francisco.

What I do: I apply design thinking to everything. I care about people and teams and love seeing them succeed. I recently started sailing. I am building a house. I dabble in chess. I experiment with modular synthesizers and music in general. I make products. I draw. I am always learning something new.

Professionally I have worked in Arts, Design, Product Development, Education, and Play (I once made a video game and later sold it to Electronic Arts). I have co-founded several fairly successful start ups and held leadership positions in companies small and large (think enterprise large). I find  joy in all of it. You can find more details on my CV.

So what do I share on this site? Anything that I find interesting. Here is to hoping that some of it is interesting to you as well.

I am a designer at heart and by trade. Luckily Design applies to everything.

May 2021

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