Over-communication is overrated
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Over-communication is overrated

So there is this very special idea. And it is super important. And ever so critical. And you just need to make sure people get it. So you over-communicate. And you tell your staff/peers to over-communicate it, too. And you hit people on all channels: Email, Slack, meetings. You come at them from all sides. And you do this a lot. Just to make sure people get it.

Only they don't.

You merely numb people to what you have to say. Worse yet, they may start ignoring entire channels.  I am sure you have seen this happen. Over-communication is the anthesis to effective communication.

Instead, have the critical ideas permeate everything you do. Re-enforce them on every turn. Use them to contextualize all the other stuff. Ask your staff/peers to internalize the important stuff and have it permeate their day-to-day operations, too.

Be consistent. But never noisy. That is how you turn over-communication into effective communication of the important.

It is ok to sound like a broken record. But make sure people pay attention to your song.

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