Updated my site after almost 10 years
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Updated my site after almost 10 years

I have had this .com domain with my last name forever. Every once in a while I feel the need to tinker with the site. And so I do. Funnily I rarely actually change it. It is more about exploring new technologies and frameworks. The last such exploration took days. I firmed up my understanding of react.js. I used the ghost OSS platform. And staged it all with Netlify. It all was quite eye-opening. Keeping pace with the internet in year-long intervals makes for fun learning spurts.

Anyway, that was many many months ago. I did not release it. The learning was sufficient. The actual product was irrelevant. The site that remained up and running instead was built almost 10 years ago with angular 1.2(!). It is hosted with GitHub pages which were probably pretty new at the time. I even used the Github web interface to occasionally chop off the bits and pieces that had not aged well.

Fun fact re angular: I was at the very first meet-up when the team shared it at the Google campus in Mountain View.

Anyway. I felt that itch again the other day. This time it was not about technologies. I wanted a simple one-pager and delegate most content and features elsewhere. And I released it using the same old repo and Github pages. It is just plain Html and CSS:

In my music, I play with analog gear and tape effects. So it felt fitting for the site to have a BOC feel to it. Like something from a past that never was. It is only missing a warbling synth line and a bit of static. Maybe I'll add that in 10 years.

Anyway. It is not much. But I had fun making it. We'll see how long this one will last. Let me know what you think.