On Efficiency and Production Systems and ... Construction
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On Efficiency and Production Systems and ... Construction

As you may know we are currently looking to build a house. Earlier this year we purchased an empty lot. We have engaged architects to work on a set of custom plans. We are starting pretty much from an empty slate and the only limitations are our own hopes and dreams and of course: money (which will trump most other concerns in the end).

On the other hand I am professionally concerned with efficiency and creativity. Especially around human interactions and software delivery processes at scale. And I mean any scale.  From 2 people collaborating all the way to the combined output of 10000 engineers at an enterprise company with its myriad of dependencies and governing concerns.

So I was delighted to come across this article on Construction, Efficiency, and Production Systems in The Browser (the publication, not the software application). Brian Potter draws intriguing parallels between the production and supply chain concepts I am very familiar with and the construction industry. And he also provides an excellent primer on some of the core concepts and how they apply universally... It really does not matter if you build cars, write banking software, make and sell coffee, or do the dishes at home. Or as it turns out: build a house.

Your mileage may vary but to me this whole field constitutes essential design knowledge that was transformative for my own design practice and craft. And there is a profound body of interdisciplinary thinking readily available to tab into.

In the end everything is just another design problem. I want to solve them all. While we build a house.